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About Us


We are located in Ashford Hill Cricket Pavilion situated on the village recreation ground. It is a lovely rural setting, which we make the most of each day, by using our own enclosed garden, the adjacent playground and surrounding safe country walks. For those days when the weather is not so good we have plenty of indoor toys and fun activities for children to choose from.

The Sessions

We organise our sessions on a free flow basis of indoor and outdoor activities, with a combination of child and adult-led activities which are incorporated in our weekly planning.

Our sessions cover all areas of learning and incorporate things like role play, creative construction, mark making, books, computer, small world and physical. Toys and activities
are changed on a regular basis according to children's interests and the staff’s needs to cover children’s next steps.

Outdoor activities contribute to all seven areas of learning and particularly lend themselves to children’s health, their physical development and their knowledge of the world around them. This is enhanced by our location which offers plenty of variety and opportunities.


Please click on our learning page to find out more.


Opening times

We follow the school calendar and therefore operate the principle of terms and take the same holiday breaks as Hampshire schools. We are open five mornings per week and offer lunch clubs every day. We are open four afternoons per week.


Sessions are currently:

Day                             Morning                            Lunch                            Afternoon

Monday                       9am - 12pm                            12pm - 1pm                      1pm - 3pm

Tuesday                       9am - 12pm                            12pm - 1pm                      1pm - 3pm

Wednesday                 9am - 12pm                            12pm - 1pm                      1pm - 3pm

Thursday                     9am - 12pm                            12pm - 1pm                      1pm - 3pm

Friday                          9am - 12pm                            12pm - 1pm                      Closed

These times are subject to change according to demand, so please contact us to find out which days we are offering the lunch clubs and afternoons.

Children are advised to attend a minimum of two sessions per week on different days so that we can get to know your child and can build a relationship with them.



Up to fifteen hours of Nursery Education Grant can be claimed for each child either solely for attendance at Jiminy Cricket's or in conjunction with another location.

Each child is entitled to claim this grant from the term after their third birthday. For example a child born in June will be entitled to the grant for the term beginning after the summer holidays which typically starts at the beginning of September.

Our current fees are £6.50 for 3 - 4 year olds and £7.00 for 2 year olds.

You will be invoiced half termly although payment on a weekly basis is an option; please discuss this with the pre-school manager.


Fees can be paid by:

  • Cash

  • Cheque

  • Childcare vouchers

  • On-line


Here are some examples of the topics we cover at Jiminy Cricket's. These do vary due to the children’s interests.

·       Seasons

·       Farms

·       Transport

·       Mini beasts

·       Growing

·       Weather

·       Holidays

·       Under the sea

·       In the sky

·       Animals

·       Families

·       Traditional tales

·        Artists

·       All about me

We cover celebrations and festivals from around the world, such as,

·       New Year

·       Chinese New Year

·       Royal celebrations

·       Valentines Day

·       Shrove Tuesday

·       St David’s Day

·       Lent

·       St Patrick’s Day

·       Mother’s Day

·       Ramadan

·       Easter

·       St George’s Day

·       Pride

·       Father’s Day

·       Black History Month

·       Diwali

·       Halloween

·       Guy Fawkes / Bonfire Night

·       Remembrance Day

·       St Andrew’s day

·       Advent / Christmas

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